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Affordable Cell Phone Plans

When reviewing all the cell phone companies, cellular service plans appear to be more affordable then ever. Cell phone shopping has also become more confusing then ever. With a new high-tech cell phone getting introduced almost every week with the latest features, who knows what you are actually paying for. Are you paying for cellular phone minutes, or all the high tech gadgets or extra features that you don't even use or need? It's not an easy task when choosing an affordable cell phone service.

How To Find Affordable Cellular Phone Deals

Please keep in mind that each cell phone service provider will require that you use a cellular phone that works with their network. There are always a wide selection of cell phones that work with a network, so your options are not limited. In order to get an affordable cell phone, do not get the latest high-tech model. For cell phones that have been out on the market for usually six month to a year, they are free, no cost to you, and very affordable. Affordable cell phone plans and rates

Many companies, such as our recommended providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and others, will offer you a free 'Not as New' cellular phone with the purchase of one of their calling plans. Why free? The perfect example is a DVD Player. Eight years ago, when a DVD player first came to the market, it sold for over $500. DVD's were new and hot. Today, those DVD players sell for $50, largely because either everyone has one, or the technology is not new anymore. The same example applies to cell phones. The hot new cell phone will cost you money because of the new features, but overtime it will become free. In the meantime, everybody has a cell phone, and you need one, so get a cell phone that is 'Not as New' and get yours for free.

With the cell phone market changing so rapidly, some cellular customers like to spend their extra cash on the newest phones just to constantly to the newest products and features. If this isn't you, (And for most people, it isn't) then you can take advantage of the free phones out there!