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Discount Cell Phone Service Plans

Cell phones are fast becoming a consumer product ripe with new and innovative features. Cell phones are also notorious for leaving behind obsolete technology. Cellular phones are quickly joining the 'computer' category; that is, as soon as you buy one, a new one comes along in a few months with flashier, faster and better features. With several cell phone models and plans designed for every individual, it makes searching for the best phone tricky. This is exactly why a discount cell phone and plan could really help you and your budget.

Selecting a discount cellular service plan critical

A discount cell phone plan comes with a free cell phone and a boatload of nights and weekend minutes. Best of all, these free cell phones usually come with the latest cell phone features and great modern cellular technology. Keep it mind it won't be the latest cellular technology. For a picture phone, there usually is a large upfront cost, but in a year or two, we predict soon they will be free as well.

There may be even cheaper plans if you purchase more than one cell phone at a time, but don't bite. If you need multiple phone for your family or to use, the discount plans are called 'shared' or 'family' plans, but this may or may not be the best plan option. These plans are popular for cellular service providers because they usually benefit the cellular phone companies and not the customer. Users of 'shared' plans can save greatly if they make full use of their phone plans. Otherwise, discount plans for individuals are probably cheaper, even for multi-phone options.
Discount cell phone service plans at low rates

There is a new technology called text messaging that can come with a discount cellular plan. Text messaging does not count against your cellular minutes, and it's a cheap alternative to making a phone call. Some discount plans offer a limited amount of text messaging in their plans, but the extra price, usually $4.99 a month depending on the provider, may be worth it and used be used when you in your anytime minute window to give you the most bang for your discount plan buck.